Monday, September 12, 2011

A Real Blessing

Mystery and history
looking for that mojo
Wanting never to forget,
exactly where I come from...

Tattered hides, moccasin feet
earthworn faces cherub sweet
Times and troubles they weathered
blessed elders to them I'm tethered

Many paths forced to take
pride no one could ever forsake
Numbers once greatly decimated
rebirth, regrowth not calculated

Great heart again beats
veins pulsing beneath modern streets
What was once will again be
celestial tides subdue embittered history

 Great spirit has shown me the way,
illuminating my night, my day
Showing me what many would choose to forget
enlightenment, growth mine, I beget

Where I have come from most important,
heritage should never be a disappointment
Where I am going shaped by the past,
pride in self built to last

Nicole Davis (Vergara)

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