Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dusk's Disguised Kiss

Lost in a vortex,
a turbulent ocean
beckoning to me.

Feeling a bit vexed,
such virulent emotion
diffusing this sea.

Distant light shining,
a known destination
erasing all defense.

Floating without binds,
a whisper sensation
dawn given in pretense.

Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)

Emancipated Intoxication

Tossed without care,
tear stained crumpled crimson velvet
hides watermarked satin black pumps.
Wardrobe of an infamous weekend romance,
accessory to accompany, shattered esteem…

Work week weary, absolute withdrawal dreamy imaging ready for romance, crimson velvet
Unbeknownst devil in disguise, Mr. Right awaits
candle drippings pacing drunkard fumbling satisfaction

Pearly smile masks swelling undertow of lies
we were made for each other, let me love you
Clouded mind, snookered becomes the heart the soured margarita mix of instantaneous love

Savoring the sweat passes the salt,
inebriated desire marring the lips
Sweet intoxication, blackmailed senses paycheck gone, chastity spoiled , all in a Friday night’s work!

Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)

Images of You

Images of you are permanently burned within my mind,
Thoughts of you now consume me beyond all reasonable time.
I have become someone whom I do not know,
A visage of what I once was reminds me so.

This person I have become mere words could never come to describe,
from your transforming, almost magical love and tenderness I can not hide.
Not that I would ever want to for you have become the very air I breathe,
past sembelence of self even this does know and believe.
To imagine now my life without you is something I can not do,
the piece of heart, soul and mind I've been missing so long, clearly was you.

Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)

Monday, September 12, 2011

A Real Blessing

Mystery and history
looking for that mojo
Wanting never to forget,
exactly where I come from...

Tattered hides, moccasin feet
earthworn faces cherub sweet
Times and troubles they weathered
blessed elders to them I'm tethered

Many paths forced to take
pride no one could ever forsake
Numbers once greatly decimated
rebirth, regrowth not calculated

Great heart again beats
veins pulsing beneath modern streets
What was once will again be
celestial tides subdue embittered history

 Great spirit has shown me the way,
illuminating my night, my day
Showing me what many would choose to forget
enlightenment, growth mine, I beget

Where I have come from most important,
heritage should never be a disappointment
Where I am going shaped by the past,
pride in self built to last

Nicole Davis (Vergara)

A Mother's Lament

When I found her, she was as a doll
the porcelain kind
Kohl black yet slight infractions,
her spider web eyes
Intricacy with a vagueness
something was missing

Her lips a palish blue, silent
appearing to kiss the moon
Her skin was chalked white
all color drained
She appeared to have found frailty's other half
her body motionless, hands seemingly isolated

She is a victim of broken promises,
she lives now in dreams, my dreams
She is my silver bullet,
she is that which haunts, torments me
She is the brine
she the salt of my tears

If only I had listened,
of my heart, my love she was never unworthy
She forever my little star,
no shadow of doubt
You see she is my daughter
bringing home more than a soft knowledge of self abuse



Self Abuse comes in many forms and for many reasons. WATCH FOR SIGNS, BE AWARE!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Ballad For Major Tom

Lo' the man who walks alone
The road to glory and fame.
Few have tried on their own
Sorrow's trail all they gain

One such man was Major Tom
A honorable militant was he
And by his side he carried integrity
Another faithful friend to him

A notion one day got to Tom
While he guarded those asleep
And looking up for divine answer
He slowly began to weep

Lo' the man who walks alone
The road to glory and fame.
Few have tried on their own
Sorrow's trail all they gain

Morning came he walked alone
Longing to be more than he was
"I'm still a lowly Major," he said
"I want more as everyone else does."

Satisfied no longer with who he was
The life he thought he did love
He tossed it all carelessly away
Walking, looking at the heaven's above

Lo' the man who walks alone
The road to glory and fame.
Few have tried on their own
Sorrow's trail all they gain

Those who had slept were now awoken
All watched as Major Tom departed
His boot marching speaking his leave
The road he'ld chosen upstarted

Dusk came, a canon roared ahead
Major Tom falling they did perceive
His body felled, they in silence wept
Glory for Major Tom was not to be

Lo' the man who walks alone
The road to glory and fame.
Few have tried on their own
Sorrow's trail all they gain

© 2009
Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)

Ninos de La Luna

    Pale shades and hues
    seemingly unchanging
    landscape cosmic photograph
    alluring, imploring
    children come home

    Upward glances, gazes
    heaviness weighing in
    denied freedoms of flight
    yearning, hungering
    old world beckons anew

    Poignant sighs and desires
    drown terrestrial bound
    sufferage in masses
    pleading, weeping
    father bring us home

(c) Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)