Sunday, January 18, 2015

Emancipated Intoxication

Tossed without care,
tear stained crumpled crimson velvet
hides watermarked satin black pumps.
Wardrobe of an infamous weekend romance,
accessory to accompany, shattered esteem…

Work week weary, absolute withdrawal dreamy imaging ready for romance, crimson velvet
Unbeknownst devil in disguise, Mr. Right awaits
candle drippings pacing drunkard fumbling satisfaction

Pearly smile masks swelling undertow of lies
we were made for each other, let me love you
Clouded mind, snookered becomes the heart the soured margarita mix of instantaneous love

Savoring the sweat passes the salt,
inebriated desire marring the lips
Sweet intoxication, blackmailed senses paycheck gone, chastity spoiled , all in a Friday night’s work!

Nicole L. Davis (Vergara)

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